We are starting to see a home!

We have been waiting to see what happens with our hole! We are starting to see some formations! This past month and a couple of weeks had us meeting with our field manager, Tim. We went through our final picks and discussed some options. He ensured that we likely would not get our house built done early---which is probably everyone hopes when they are building.  We go by the site every other day or every three days and see if anything has changed and ensure we are getting what we want. We met one side of our neighbors and she was really nice. We pass the neighborhood pool and as hot as this summer has been, we are so excited to use it next year.  It is kind of funny how small the hole looks when you look from it up high. 

My recommendations-- ensure the layout is what you picked out. We had an example of egress being built on the wrong side. So although some may thing you don't need to check it that often, we really like to check it often. This is our dream home, so it is worth it.…

Building a Home....It is just the Beginning!

Fellow First Time Home Builder I decided to write a blog about building a home. It is 2018 and the housing market is HOT. Like volcano, lava, flowing hot. I am a 32 year old woman, married to a part-time Army man who is also a 9th grade History teacher. We have 2 beautiful girls and 2 dogs. I have not found a lot of information from actual customers who are building a home and thought, this is a process that people really need to know about and hear first hand about it!

Let me start, we loved and enjoyed our starter home but we knew it was not our dream home.  We started looking around at several builders, MI Homes, Drees, and we knew we wanted a 3-4 bedroom ranch style home with a basement. We ended up choosing Pulte to build our dream home. They offered everything we wanted and then some. The features that sold us the most was the extended garage, the master bedroom and bath, and the basement the same size as the ranch. We will see if Pulte likes this blog in the end or not (really a …

Cruising to Alaska...with an 8 month old!

I always loved talking to co-workers and friends about our upcoming cruise to Alaska. They would say, oh are you taking your daughter? Yes, I am taking my daughter, of course. They would look at me not sure what to say. I think in their head they thought, why? Why would you think about taking an 8 month old on a 7 day Cruise to Alaska and spend several days in Seattle as well. The answer (besides the fact my mom, dad, and sister were coming) is that we want to start her young with traveling. We never thought twice about asking the other set of grandparents to watch her.

We flew using Southwest which was outstanding. You need the birth certificate for the lap child to show when you check-in. The 2- free luggage is such a plus that it helps you not stress over paying fees. I will say, traveling with breast milk was a pain, but really not as bad as it could have been. Expect 5-10 minutes of extra TSA time just based on that and how much you have with you. The entire flight, our daughter,…

Preparing for a Little Traveler!

My husband and I decided at the end of 2013 that it was time to have a baby! So we are due in December of 2014. How will this change our traveling ways? Well....we only got to go on one 5 day cruise this year and a quick trip to Springfield, Illinois. Next year, we will be going on an Alaskan Cruise and taking our 7 month old. That blog post should be exciting! Until then, we wanted to show you some highlights from our Travel/Adventure themed baby room as well as baby shower. I love the movie "Up," so some of the things we have is inspired from that movie, but for the most part, we came up with a lot of the ideas ourselves. We love it and look forward to the Baby arriving!

Here is our nursery:

Cruising to Atlantis: Nassau, The Bahamas

My husband and I took another cruise this past March with Carnival. We were on the Carnival Victory out of Miami. The stops included Nassau, Bahamas; Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos. We had an interior cabin in the middle on the 7th floor. I have to say, I will no longer get a cabin in the middle. There is too many people passing through who are loud and rude! 
My husband and I have always wanted to go to Atlantis in Nassau for the water park, aquarium, and to walk around and see what the place is like. We took the Carnival excursion. We chose to do the excursion instead of doing it on our own due to Spring Break season. We were concerned it would sell out, so we purchased it through the cruise line. We had to meet on the boat at 8:30am and were off the boat on busses by 9-9:15am. The water park does not really open until 10am. Once we arrived, we were given a "tour" which really means being led through the main areas. We could not hear the main perso…

How to make Flapper Headbands for Great Gatsby Themed Bachelorette Party!

As you can see, sometimes I dabble in the crafting side of me instead of the traveling side of me. I do have to say I find the traveling side much easier but also more expensive in some cases! I luckily do have a good friend who likes to craft and is having a "Great Gatsby" themed Bachelorette Party. So we decided to make our own flapper headbands for everyone that was going to be attending the bachelorette party. We picked up elastic bands that is usually found in the fabric area of a craft supply store (Jo Ann's Fabrics) and we picked out our feathers.

We put each one around our head and then made some tighter and some looser, but many of them could be worn by anyone due to the elasticity. We then used a glue gun to glue the bands together and added the feathers to the side of the band. We got creative in some areas! This one hour project will make any bachelorette party stylish! All we need now is pearls!

9 Flapper Headbands: Elastic Bands: $15.00 Feather total: $8.00…

Top 10 List of Indianapolis!

I have lived in Indianapolis since the end of 2009. It has been almost four complete years here and this year I decided I have to start "experiencing" more of what Indianapolis has to offer. There may be a day where I am no longer living here and I do not want to regret that I didn't do that one thing here. This city has a lot to offer. We have hosted a Super Bowl, we host one of the biggest events of the year called the Indianapolis 500, and we have nice people nicknamed Hoosiers! So here is my David Letterman style (born in Indianapolis by the way) Top 10 List of Indianapolis. All photos are taken by me, I really like taking pictures.

10. Victory Field: This is where the Indianapolis Indians, minor league baseball team, plays. It is must see during the spring or summer. Most of the time the team is good and there are special sales during the week like $1 food on the menu and Buy one, get one free ticket.
9. Indianapolis Museum of Art: It doesn't get much better th…